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Special Announcement:

Attention Members! .

Sports Pool Reservations: Lanes 6 through 10 are now designated as “open lanes,” where reservations are not needed for use. There are no time restrictions except that the lanes must be cleared five minutes before a scheduled class. Anyone using the lanes must be prepared to share a lane. Lanes 1 through 5 are designated as “reservation only” lanes which will follow the same 55-minute reservation protocol that has been in place. The lane reservations will be set for ½ of a lane instead of a full lane so two Members can share a lane. If you want a full lane to yourself, you may use two of your available reservations at one time, reserving both sides of the lane. It will also be feasible to reserve ½ of a lane for two consecutive time slots if you are wanting to swim for more than 55 minutes.” *Lanes 1 thru 10 are reserved during most class times. Please clear the lane 5 minutes before the start of classes.
The Garden Pool is Adult only, ages 18 and above, except for a child/children in a swim lesson with a Houstonian Instructor.

The window of time for someone to check-in from the start time of a reservation is:

Sports Pool: 15 minutes
Resort Pool & Garden Pool: 30 minutes

If someone does not check-in within the check-in window of time, the reservation is forfeited and will be allocated to walk-in requests.

Welcome Houstonian Club Member. This is our online registration system for reserving time at our pools.

This system is separate from your MyHoustonian membership login.

If you have not already registered within our Youth Department registration system, please click here to register.

Schedule Limitations:

1. Sports Pool reservations are limited to 55 minutes per day and for a specific lane.
2. There is a limit of (1) 2 hour reservation block per day for either the Resort Pool (families and children) or the Garden Pool (for adults only).
3. Reservations for the Resort Pool are limited to 6 people on the same membership.

If you have any questions please call 713-685-6888 during business hours.